SportzXchange Fans Hit It Out Of The Park With #BohotSahiHai Ratings !

SportzXchange is a hit! We’re super excited to share the major success of the ultimate fantasy cricket app with our users. Being cricket fans ourselves, we wanted to shake up the fantasy cricket world forever, with unmatched features and exciting cash rewards. Your excitement towards SportzXchange and an 81% rating of #BohotSahiHai has made us who we are right now!

We thank our users who voted us as #BohotSahiHai for contributing towards creating a fantasy sports experience like no other. We are striving each day to give you a top-notch experience in the fantasy cricket world. A platform that is more than just fantasy cricket, it’s a game of skill, a game of strategy – and you are the ones who make it Bohot Sahi! Not only is SportzXchange free to play, but you get the opportunity to win big cash!

With the Team Contest feature, you can make your own team, follow the matches, and keep track of your Team Value with the Fantasy Cricket Points System feature. Your own team, your own players, your own rewards!

SportzXchange also offers a Team Portfolio feature – something you’ve never played before! You can now select not one, not two, but upto three units of your Star Player! Your player will also be awarded for as many units as you have in your Team Portfolio. So you don’t get to choose your Star Player just once, but thrice!

And for the highlighting feature of SportzXchange – PlayerXchange! With this, you can buy and sell your player units with other gamers and cricket lovers across the platform to try and increase your chances of winning!

Fans who are already using SportzXchange have rated it #BohotSahiHai, and those who are looking to begin their journey in the fantasy cricket league are also excited about all the features, and have deemed them to be #BohotSahiHai.

We see you using SportzXchange, we see you loving SportzXchange, and that’s what makes us #BohotSahiHai. What are you waiting for? Download SportzXchange now, for free!

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